Scummy Mummies at Stockport Plaza

You know that old saying ‘It’s funny because it true?’ With the Scummy Mummies, you’re a step further on – it’s funny because we’ve all thought it/done it/cringed over it/survived it.

Ellie and Helen’s relatable observations about the frustrations and ridiculousness of modern parenting has earned them thousands of dedicated podcast listeners (including me – those weekly 45 minutes of motherhood-related bants saved my sanity on numerous occasions during mat leave).

The Scummy Mummies live experience is a little different than their online offering given that there’s no interviewee; instead you get treated to jokes, sketches and songs delivered by the SMs in all their Lycra-clad glory (these ladies rock catsuits like no others).

They just brought their all-new show to Stockport, and I snagged a ticket. I don’t want to give too much away (the reason for which will become clearer further down this page), but topics covered include post-baby sex, ‘Things that really fuck me off’ about parenting, and that ubiquitous dinner time favourite, fish fingers. There’s a few celebrity appearances too – and let’s just say I’ll never see Jeff Goldblum the same way again.

So why am I not spilling more about the new show? Because we’ll be welcoming Helen and Ellie back in September for another Z-arts spectacular, that’s why – and we’d love you to join us!

Their last Manchester show was totally hilarious, and this one promises to be even better.

Tickets will be on sale shortly, and if you sign up to the Mamas Collective newsletter and you’ll be the first to get that link!


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