16 sanity-saving articles and videos about motherhood

Following on for my blog post about the best books for mums, here are some more bite-sized bits of motherhood-related wisdom and musings to get your teeth into: ‘Busting the baby brain myth: Why motherhood makes minds sharper’ by Emma Young for New Scientist ‘A new way to think about the transition to motherhood’ by… Continue reading 16 sanity-saving articles and videos about motherhood


11 best books for mums

Reading time’s a bit of a luxury when you’re a mum, right? But, whether it’s a grabbed five minutes while they hurl themselves round soft play or a decadent half-hour in bed on those days you’re not so tired you immediately pass out, burying your nose in a good book’s certainly more wholesome-feeling than scrolling… Continue reading 11 best books for mums


Pregnant Then Screwed Live

You’ve doubtless heard of Joeli Brearley and the wonderful work she does over at Pregnant Then Screwed, fighting maternity discrimination and generally making the working world a most hospitable place for parents. And if you follow any mum bloggers or ‘Insta-mums’ whatsoever, you’ll also likely have heard of Pregnant Then Screwed Live, ‘the UK festival… Continue reading Pregnant Then Screwed Live