What’s Mama Collective for?

A place to meet other mums, hear from an inspirational guest speaker, and feel more ‘you’. You can read more on our ‘About us’ page.

Is there any age bracket for kids that can come along?

No, simply because I want our events to be an accessible to as many people as possible.

It’s expected that events will get noisy (that’s why our guest speakers have microphones) – that babies will cry, that toys will get thrown, and that toddler’s will throw tantrums.

You know your child and their level of tolerance. If you think they can handle it, that’s good enough for me.

(Note too that, very occasionally, we do run an event where children can’t come along at all, either at the request of the speaker or of the venue.)

Are your venue’s buggy accessible and suitable for babies?

Always. Before each of our events, I send out an email to everyone coming along explaining exactly what to expect. There aren’t always dedicated baby change facilities, but they’ll always be somewhere you can change them safely.

I’m not a mum. Can I still come to your events?

100% (don’t let the name fool you). Everyone’s welcome, and that includes dads.

I’m anxious about coming along to an event alone. Should I still come?

Yes, yes, yes, and please don’t be anxious. MC is designed to be a super friendly space where you can feel totally comfortable and meet new mum mates. People come along to our events alone all of the time, so you definitely won’t be the only one.

Why are so many of your events on weekdays?

I started Mamas Collective when I was on maternity leave, thinking the events would mainly be for other mums also on maternity leave. While that’s no longer the case on either count, I’ve taken the decision to keep the majority of our events to weekdays because:

  • weekend events cut into ‘family time’ and don’t tend to be popular
  • though many mums have said they’d be interested, the evening events I’ve tried to organise in the past haven’t sold well
  • most importantly, it’s hard to get guest speakers traveling from far away – which they usually do – to agree to an evening or weekend appearance

How come your events are always in the city centre?

Mamas Collective events are designed to be different to your typical local mum and baby groups. I host them in the city centre so they’re as easily accessible to as many people as possible, and so that going along feels like a bit more of an ‘event’. (When I first became a mum, a trip to town felt like a reaI adventure and managing it gave me a huge sense of achievement, and like I’d done something for me that day. I hope coming along to a one of the meetups makes everyone feel a similar way.)

I wish you did more events. Why are they so spread out?

Frankly, I wish I did too…

I run Mamas Collective in my spare time, alone, alongside a three-day-a-week job and raising my boy. The juggle is real!

I carry on with the group because I truly love it, but my family and my main job have to come first. This sometimes means I can’t host as many events as I’d like (at least for now).

I’ve bought a ticket, but I can’t make it anymore. Can I get my money back?

I’m usually able to accept returns up to 48 hours before event – just drop us an email at molly@mamas-collective.com. After that point, it’s difficult for me to sell on your ticket, so I can’t guarantee a refund.

I have a suggestion for a guest speaker, or I’m interested in speaking myself. How can I make it happen?

Email molly@mamas-collective.com